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Cool Fans Hawaii

Looking for a fan that’s big enough to cool off a large event? Rent Outdoor Fans from Cool Fans Hawaii for full comfort and maximum cooling potential.

Our fans come on rugged wheels, making them easy to move around. These fans can move air up to half a football field away!

These high-volume, low-speed fans are sure to be a hit..

Cool Fans Hawaii specializes in high pressure cooling systems that are designed for open air environments where air conditioning is not a viable option.

  • We install fans with a evaporative fog that converts the air coming off the fan to cool air. As much as 25 to 30 degrees cooler.
  • We also provide 24 inch oscillating pedestal fans for outdoor events like sports events, weddings, corporate events, and run or walking events.
  • We also install the evaporative cooling systems in open air businesses.
  • If you have existing fans the system can be added to those fans, or we can provide the fans as well.
  • We also can provide a cooling box with multiple ports that air comes out of mixing with a high pressure fog and providing cooling in spaces where ceilings are low and regular fans maybe too obtrusive.
  • Our systems are designed to cool without feeling any moisture. So they are good for restaurants, hotel lobbies, or any place where open air environment cooling is needed.


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Some Glance of our Work

Our Mission

To provide you with the best service and quality chillers, air handing equipment and generators to meet all of your needs. We can utilize this equipment to climate control any space it can be used hospitals office buildings and any commercial or residential application. The units can be used to help clean up after floods, natural disaster and for mold remediation.

Competent Sales, Engineering and Service Teams To deliver you the highest quality fans and excellent, round-the-clock customer service, we have experienced and highly-skilled sales, engineering and service teams. We cater to all your cooling needs in the shortest possible time.

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